The Clothes Minded AZ app is available in the app store.  This link will take you right to it

Online shopping is even easier when you have our app.  It's free in the app store and allows you to be able to shop anytime anywhere as long as you have your phone (which you always do, wink wink).  What we love about our app is that all fit videos are stored for each item so you can quickly and easily hear Kim's description of the item and how it fits.

Having the app also allows you to easily and quickly find and purchase an item.  Our live sales are saved on the app as well allowing you to watch, even if you missed it on Facebook.  There is so much information shared about products and styling in the lives.  Our Clothes Minded AZ app is typically faster and more responsive than our website and we offer special sales and promotions for app users only.  

When you have the app, we send new arrivals alerts as well as reminders about lives and promotion alerts so you are always in the loop.  The app allows you to purchase items faster by saving your payment info, so no running to grab your credit card.

If you like getting straight to the point quickly and easily, having our app will be perfect for you!  We offer a discount after registering in the app of 20% off your first purchase made in the app.  

Give our app a try today and if you like it, please leave us a review.


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