Boutiques owners put a lot of time and effort into curating a collection that defines their target customer. For example, as the buyer for Clothes Minded Online Boutique, I am constantly looking at line sheets and websites for clothes that appeal to what I believe my ideal customer is looking for, classic, comfortable clothes that are appropriate for Arizona, are easy to care for and have some unique features or a little bit of edge. I search for items that have something a little different than what the other stores are offering and I find that if it appeals to me it usually appeals to my customers. Because of the curation process, boutiques weed out many items that aren’t on “brand” for them. This process can take countless hours and buyers look through thousands of items to find those that are “just right”.

The next time you go to a boutique or look at their website, notice their vibe; maybe it’s coastal, athletic, classic, athleisure, glam or western. Some boutiques have a younger look and appeal to the college-aged girl who is going out to the clubs or to parties and some boutiques have a more classic, refined look for the more timeless woman. Once you have found a boutique that seems to “get you”, that’s when the fun really begins because the search for items you love should become more simple.

Some ladies prefer the treasure hunt; walking into a large, open space with thousands of items on racks and tables with bold signs screaming sale. Unfortunately, we believe the selection is repetitive and far less exciting. It also is a lot more work weeding through racks of messy hangers with garments in complete disarray.

We believe that shopping boutique guarantees you’ll look more unique. We also believe that shopping boutique means a better experience. If you build a relationship with a boutique owner, she can become a personal shopper for you, keeping your style and taste in mind when she is buying items for her store. She can take down your number and call or text you when items come in that you might like which could save you time and money.

Which do you prefer, shopping in a boutique or shopping in a large department or chain store? We would love to hear about it.


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