I’m a shopper by nature so in my opinion there is never a shortage of options for where to get cute clothes. I absolutely love shopping local and shopping boutique. My fave is shopping from mannequins and displays in boutiques. Thanks to Covid-19 and many businesses being closed or having their hours disrupted, I’ve found that shopping small boutiques social media pages is the best yet because then I can see every item, styled, on a person.

I have a really difficult time shopping for cute clothes in mass merchandised stores and discount stores or consignment stores. I feel like the displays are lacking and things are all just jammed together on racks and when I can see that there are 10+ of the same thing, I don’t feel like I’m going to look very unique at all.

Boutique shopping is my favorite because I have an appreciation for what goes into curating a collection. Most boutiques have a general theme based upon their target customer and it’s usually pretty easy to tell if a store is appealing to a boho babe, a coastal chick or a southern belle. My favorite stores are the ones where I can engage with the person working to find out more about the brands, the sizing and the general concept of the fashion. I have a heart for helping the small businesses too. Boutique shopping assures you that you’ll look original and no one else will have your style. I feel like shopping at Target or H & M guarantees you’ll look like everyone else.

Chic Clothing AZ

I have a passion for shopping and for selecting unique items for my own boutique. I want different items that are good quality, versatile and easy to care for without looking cheap. If I can find something different with a little rocker edge, like leather or some other texture, those are the items that appeal to me.

If you have trouble finding cute clothes, I am a personal stylist and have done personal shopping for women. I can recommend lots of incredible pieces from my online boutique because they already passed the test to be offered on my website thanks to my curation. I hope you find something you love.


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