Valentines Day is coming and that means date night.  We are empty nesters now and can go wherever we want and stay out as late as we want.  There are a few restaurants that I get really excited about, but it may already be too late to get reservations.  

City Hall - This is always our go to for special occasions.  I absolutely love the cosmo martini with sugar on the rim because it comes in a large martini glass with dry ice so when they pour the martini into the glass (tableside), it froths and bubbles and is crisp and cold.  The martini shaker always has enough for a full refill too.  The bread basket is fabulous, especially the pretzel bread with delicious butter.  We love the shrimp cocktail.  The crab legs are my favorite because they cut the legs making it so easy to eat.  All of the sides are incredible but the best ones are also the worst for your health.  The butter cake is our favorite dessert but usually we're too full to order dessert.

Toca Madera - We love the atmosphere here.  The thumpy club music and the fire dancer are so entertaining.  I always order the Ghost Rider margarita because it arrives table side flaming.  We love the guacamole, the queso fundido, the chips and salsa.  I try something different every time.  My husband always gets the shrimp ala roca and loves it.

The Gladly - We love the thai margarita here.  Rarely do my husband and I both love the same drink but this one, we both love.  We love the pretzel, cheese, sausage appetizer.  Cory always gets the filet with mashed potatoes and a brown sauce.  I love the chopped salad, it's what the restaurant is known for and it's my order every time.  

The Mission - Cory gets a traditional Mission margarita here and I love that they will add chambord to the margarita, making it even more delicious!  We love the table side guacamole.  We both love the fish tacos and the grilled street corn.

I have some recommendations about what to wear for Valentine's Day dinner plans, find that in a different blog post. 

This year we don't have to worry about reservations in Arizona because we're going to be in San Francisco.  I wonder where we'll go for dinner?

Where do you plan to get reservations for Valentines Day?


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