You've seen our social media posts about Pink Friday and you're wondering what the heck is Pink Friday anyway?  Well....let us explain.....

Pink Friday is a movement by boutiques to shop small first.  We know that the chains and big box stores have huge marketing budgets and the ability to practically give things away due to huge margins and bulk discounts; but we small business owners don't have budgets like that.  We have joined forces with other boutiques all across the country to participate in this movement of shopping small first, before Black Friday, called Pink Friday.  

Clothes Minded has participated in this movement for several years now and our customers love it as much as we do!  Pink Friday isn't just a sale on pink items, it's a name designated by our favorite originator of the mindset community over competition, the Boutique Hub.  We have been members of the Hub for years and love being members of a fabulous group of boutique owners and brands that are making a difference in the retail world.

Mark your calendars for November 17 for Pink Friday when your shopping means the world to our small business.  We have created a collection called Pink Friday Sale on our website and on our app so you can shop whichever is more comfortable for you.  We have over 200 items included in this sale!  Wait, we never said what the deal is, did we?  Well, you have to wait until November 17 to find out.  We will make the collections live before the 17th so you can scope out and plan which items you want to purchase and then on the 17th the sale will be live all day and all night!  There will be no code needed either, so it will be super easy to shop.  We can't wait to share these great deals with you.  Pink Friday November 17.  Please shop small.  It really matters to me.


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