Yes, for the month of April, Clothes Minded craved fashionistas can shop three different locations:

The Merchantile 730 E Missouri Ave  Phoenix (go straight in the doors and we're on the right hand side halfway to the back)

Open Sunday 11 - 5 and Monday - Saturday 10 - 6

Painted Tree Scottsdale 16227 N Scottsdale Rd  Scottsdale (we're down the center aisle in space D7)

Open Daily 10 - 8

Painted Tree Chandler 2640 W Chandler Blvd  Chandler (we're at the very front of the building, walk in the doors and turn right)

Open Daily 10 - 8

Why are we so excited about being in collectives?  We're so glad you asked!  Once upon a time we existing in our own little brick and mortar store and that was fun, but really lonely.  And for ladies shopping for clothes, it was one stop in a list of many others to complete the outfit.  Clothes Minded didn't have shoes or sunglasses, so if you needed more than clothing and jewelry, you would need to stop at other places to get all of the items on your list.  Welcome to a fun new experience!  Inside a collective are hundreds of others brands offering everthing under the sun, from children's clothing to home to decor to fabulous gift items and last but certainly not least, clothes!  I have never seen so many different brands, each with different styles and aesthetics, making it a fun treasure hunt for shoppers.  

When you enter one of these collective spaces prepare to spend time shopping.  There truly is a lot to see.  There are things you never knew you needed or wanted and things you absolutely must have.  

Bring your friends.  These experiential places have something for everyone so if you and your friends have different tastes and interests, that's perfect, you'll all find things that speak to you.  

The other interesting thing about these collectives is they offer vendors an opportunity to sell without being present.  Unlike a vendor fair where the vendor is present in their booth, at a collective, it is completely optional for the owner to be present.  Payment for items is done at a central point of sale station at the front of the store.

We recommend following each of these on social media because they have many fun events and activities happening each month.  Ladies nights, permanent jewelry, hat bars and more just add to the appeal.  We try to keep you in the loop about the events too.  

Clothes Minded has operated out of our home for awhile now and ladies had to wait for sip and shops or pop up events to see, touch and try on our incredible collection of unique clothes.  Now, they are displayed beautifully in each of these spaces.  We will be creating a list of events when we will be in our space doing personal styling and other fun things so stay tuned for more information about that.  

To those of you who have found us at The Merchantile or Painted Tree, thank you, we're so happy to continue bringing you amazing fashion in a whole new way.  



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