If you haven’t heard the term price per wear when discussing clothing, let me explain what it is. The price per wear of a garment is found by taking the price of the garment, divided by the number of times it is worn. For example: if you purchase a top at ClothesMindedAZ.com for $59 and you wear it 10 times, your price per wear is $5.90. Google says the average number of times people wear a garment is 7. So, in that case, our $59 top divided by 7 equals $8.43.

Price per wear is one of many variables to consider when shopping. Another is how many items do you already own that would go with the new garment you’re considering. The goal is three or more. If you’re looking at a top like the Christina top, you know this top will pair beautifully with jeans, other pants you may have, skirts and maybe even shorts. Then, without a doubt, buy it!

Christina Top

As a personal stylist, my job is to help you select items that are functional and complementing your personal style with other items you already own. That’s why I highly recommend watching our Live sales on Wednesday and Sunday nights at 7pm MST. My daughter and I love showing all the different ways to wear items found on our website. We give lots of styling tips as well as accessorizing tips. You can tune in by going to our Facebook page, Clothes Minded AZ Online Boutique or downloading our app in the app store which is also called Clothes Minded AZ.


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