Happy National Pizza Day!  I just searched pizza in my photos in my phone and I have 246 photos!  That's a lot of pizza!  Do you consider pizza something you need in your life frequently?  I do!  Do you like to stick with the same pizza from the same place or do you like to experiment?  I like both, it just depends on my mood.  I will say, we have found some of the best pizza in the various places we've travelled and I'm going to tell you about a few.

Pizza King - Brookings, South Dakota

This place is an institution.  My parents went on dates to this place way back in the 60s.  The pizza hasn't changed after all these years.  It's a very thin crust pizza, cut into small squares.  It's greasy, but that's what makes it great.  We love the plain cheese, or the pepperoni or the sausage and mushroom.  The place hasn't changed much over the years so if you love nostalgia, eat in or at the very least, pop in to pick up your pizza and see what I mean.  My dad claims he used to be able to eat an entire large pizza all by himself.

Lazzaris - Lincoln, Nebraska 

Order the Randy Ross.  Spicy chicken, cream cheese and pepperoni and you have to dip it in ranch.  The spicy chicken is fabulous and the cream cheese and ranch help to balance out the spice.  Two slices are a must because it's so good.  I didn't discover this pizza until nearly the end of my time in Nebraska unfortunately, but I'm so glad I did.

Joe's Pizza - New York City, New York

Photos all over the walls of this place prove that celebrities know their pizza.  Joes has huge slices.  I love a slice of cheese or a slice of the white pizza.  One slice is usually all I need.  Let it sit on the paper plate for a moment to soak up some of the grease.  You might have to stand up to eat it because this place is always busy.  Fold it in half and it's easier to manage.  You won't regret trying this pizza.

Secret Pizza - Cosmopolitan Hotel, Las Vegas

Another no nonsense pizza place.  Place your order, they pop it into the oven, it comes out fresh, crispy and fabulous.  I love the cheese with black olives and ricotta.  It's a large slice so one is plenty for me.  This place doesn't have a sign or anything so you have to ask where to find it and that's the secret.  

Tony's Pizza - San Francisco, California 

Plan on waiting for a table.  They don't take reservations here but you can put your name in and go for a walk.  The pizza is worth the wait.  The menu is overwhelming with so many styles of crust and the way they're made, but we chose the Napoletana margherita with ricotta, half sausage and half black olive.  It was enormous and fabulous!  We only could eat two slices each which means a lot of pizza wasn't eaten.  Wow.  I highly recommend stopping here.

Zesty Zzeeks Pizza & Wings - Phoenix, Arizona

This is the closest one to our home and yet we get it delivered every time.  The app is a game changer.  Every order is saved in the app so it's quick and easy to use and you can select when you would like delivery, it's been promptly delivered every time I've ordered.  We love the gluten free crust barbecue chicken pizza with no onions.  It is so satisfying, not greasy and doesn't give you a stomach ache.

Federal Pizza - Phoenix, Arizona

This is our newest find in Arizona and we are hooked!  Everything we've tried so far we have loved.  The most recent pizza I'm still dreaming about was the casanova.  I ordered a gluten free crust which made it even better.  It was prosciutto, dates, ricotta, arugula, pecorino and balsamic vinaigrette.  Wow.  Incredible.

I have to add that once we started asking for ricotta added to our pizzas, we've enjoyed them all more.  What is your favorite pizza place?  What toppings do you like on your pizza?  We'd love to know!


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