For the past nine months, I've been driving hundreds of miles because I have my boutique inside of two collective spaces.  I had a vehicle that required the most expensive gas and was spending way too much money on gas.  Well, not any more.  I got an electric vehicle and I love it!  The craziest thing is, I always try to drive a red vehicle.  Red is my color and I prefer red vehicles, but I looked everywhere and couldn't find a true red electric SUV, so I went way outside of my comfort zone and am now driving a sage Volvo electric SUV.

I love this car.  It's so quiet inside when I'm driving.  It feels sturdy and safe.  It has a very large glass roof which is tinted making the outside come in.  It has the ability to cool when I'm not inside the vehicle so when I do get in, the temperature is perfect.  The stereo is fantastic.  I love that I can use Google with my voice to navigate.  It's super easy to plug in in our garage.  It does charge slowly but I just do it overnight which is perfect.  

Here are some other reasons I love my electric vehicle:

Zero Emissions - Perhaps the most obvious reason why driving an electric car is eco-friendly is that it produces zero tailpipe emissions.  Traditional gasoline vehicles emit harmful pollutants which contribute to air pollution and its negative health effects.  Electric cars produce no direct emissions meaning cleaner air and a healthier environment for everyone.  

Reduced Greenhouse Gas Emissions - EVs tend to be more energy-efficient and result in lower emissions.

Energy Efficiency - Electric cars are more efficient than their gasoline powered counterparts.  EVs convert a higher percentage of electrical energy from the grid into forward motion.  This increased efficiency means fewer resources are required for energy production and, subsequently, a reduced environmental impact.

Decreased Noise Pollution - Electric vehicles are considerably quieter than traditional vehicles.  This reduction in noise pollution can lead to a more pleasant and peaceful environment.

Regenerative Braking - When brakes are applied, energy is stored.  This energy can be used to recharge the vehicle's battery, enhancing energy efficiency and reducing wear and tear on brake components.

Reduced Oil Dependency - Electric cars don't rely on oil for fuel, which reduces the demand for fossil fuels.

Advancements In Battery Technology - As technology continues to advance, battery efficiency and lifespan are improving, reducing the environmental impact of battery production and disposal.

Driving an electric vehicle is a conscientious choice for those who are concerned about the environment and are eager to reduce their carbon footprint and I'm that person.  


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