I can't find my glasses

Disclaimer:  this post doesn't have anything to do with fashion.

I know I'm not alone in this issue with my eyes slowly getting worse and it started when I reached my forties.  I noticed it at stores; I couldn't read the price clearly or I couldn't read the care instructions on items I was thinking about buying.  I had prescription glasses that I wore when I sat down to read a book, but I kept them at home with my book, of course.  

Now I'm almost 51 and I am one of those ladies who needs a pair of readers in every room of the house or around my neck.  I can't read the directions on my face or hair products.  I can't read the recipe I'm making for dinner.  Oh, and I really struggle in restaurants, especially when the lighting is dim.  My kids and husband really make fun of me and it makes me feel OLD!  I don't want to feel old.  

It was disheartening when I went to the eye doctor and found out that I need more powerful readers now too.  I own one pair of readers, Kate Spade, that I found at Nordstrom.  Now I need to shop for a more powerful pair.  I've tried googling and don't know the best brands or websites to find a chic pair because I'm probably not going to buy a pair at Walgreens.  So, friends, please share the goods on where to grab a fashionable pair of readers that won't break the bank.  I'd appreciate it!  And if anyone else struggles with reading labels and tags, just know that I feel you.


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