Boutique ownership can be challenging with endless tasks to focus on daily such as posting on social media, planning photo shoots and uploading product descriptions to Shopify.  My days as a boutique owner have me wearing many hats:  buyer, marketer, customer service, tech support, merchandiser, writer, accountant and so much more.  Sometimes the life as a boutique owner can be very lonely.  In a world where likes and sales are the currency, our tender hearts can really suffer.  That is why I'm thankful for The Boutique Hub.  I've been a member of The Boutique Hub for almost the entire life of my boutique, ten years!  The Boutique Hub is a community of boutique owners sharing inspiration and understanding of the many ups and downs we work through daily.  The Boutique Hub contains resources created for boutique owners to be more knowledgable and productive.  They know the challenges we face and they have created a platform to help.  I've enjoyed being a part of a community of passionate and hardworking women like myself. 

One major component of The Boutique Hub is their education called Retail Bootcamp which I invested in three years ago.  Boutique owners make an investment of time and money to receive 12 weeks of intensive training on all aspects of owning a boutique:  building a website, inventory management, hiring and training employees and so much more.  Even though I took RBC three years ago, I often jump into their recorded educational sessions to refresh my knowledge on certain topics.  The beautiful thing is, as an RBC student, we can take the classes as many times as we want.  It's a lot of work and so challenging as well as comprehensive.  Here is a link to check out Retail Bootcamp.

Part of RBC is a buying trip to California in the fall called the LA Experience.  I was fortunate enough to go on the trip this year.  I am so glad I did.  The Boutique Hub curated a memorable and information packed smooze fest for three days of wining and dining by brands in the garment district of California.  We saw some of the largest warehouses, showrooms and fabulous patios at sunset overlooking the city.  We were served caviar, mimosas, filet mignon and pina coladas.  But the best part was the commaraderie and relationships we all deepened by being in each others presence.  Many of us knew each other from countless zoom calls, but to hang out in person and actually talk about one of the things we're all super passionate about, absolutely memorable.  I walked away with new friends, new brands I wanted to carry and lots more knowledge.  

I highly recommend all boutique owners join The Boutique Hub and to sign up for Retail Bootcamp.  


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