Two huge events are coming up in Arizona in February - the Phoenix Open and the Super Bowl.  If you're traveling to Arizona for either or both of these fun events, let me help you pack!  Even though the forecast might be in the 60s and 70s, if you're not used to being in the desert or in the sun you'll want to wear sunscreen and bring a light layer to throw on to protect you from the sun as well as keeping you warm when the sun goes down and it gets chilly.  I recommend the charcoal wrap or the cozy shrug.  

It's always best to wear lightweight layers when you'll be at an event all day so I recommend pairing our vintage straight jeans with either a ribbed tank or a tee under a cardigan or shacket.  Easy and versatile is the name of the game.  Since I've been to the Phoenix Open for many years, I know practicality  doesn't usually dictate what women wear, I have created a Phoenix Open Collection.  Honestly, anything goes at this event.  It is fun to see all the different styles and I tip my hat to the ladies who can pull off impractical outfits (definitely not me).  If you like wearing dresses I do recommend the zip front shift dress.  If you prefer separates, the perfect tank with the high rise wide leg crop jeans and a pair of wedges would be so chic.  Don't forget your hat to protect you from too much sun, here are my suggestions, the mademoiselle hat or the fun in the sun hat.


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