It’s been a year since we started going live on Facebook. At first we went live just on Sunday nights, then we added Wednesday nights. It’s the new way of interactive selling and it’s not that different from QVC. About six months ago we introduced selling with Comment Sold. What this means is you can comment during the live on our Facebook page or app with the word sold and the number of the item you want to purchase as well as the size. You receive an invoice and once paid, I deliver the items locally free and faster than Amazon or ship them if you live out of town.

There is a lot of prep involved in going live. First, I plan the theme and gather the items required for each outfit. I hang them on a rack in my office/boutique/guest bedroom. Next, I steam the items. Then I dress the mannequin. I have to create a collection on Comment Sold as well as creating a discount code and discount amount. Next, I write the script which is a list of each item worn in the live, what sizes it comes in and the item’s price as well as what size I am wearing. As the time for the live approaches, we move the mannequin to the foyer of my house, as well as the tall table where I place my laptop, the ring light which holds the phone to broadcast the live, and I move the clothes to my master bathroom where we change. I also tape the script onto a column in the foyer so we know the sequence of the items we’re wearing and discussing.

I say we because my daughter Amanda helps me. Our lives are far better when we do them together. Over the past year we’ve both gone live alone and those lives just aren’t as entertaining and our sales reflect that. We have more fun when we can banter back and forth. Our customers appreciate the product knowledge we share as well as the fit information. We give lots of styling advice about how to wear the items in different ways. We love it when our customers comment during the live because it feels like we’re having a conversation with them.

In case you’ve never watched a live by Clothes Minded before, just remember, first you’ll want to register by going to and once registered, you’ll be able to comment the word “sold” during any and all lives. I have to stress that we typically receive 6 of an item, 2 smalls, 2 mediums and 2 larges and once they sell out, I don’t get them in again, so I recommend snatching up the items you like. We also give prizes for various things during the live. You can watch our live on our Facebook page or by downloading our new app in the App Store, Clothes Minded AZ. I guarantee you’ll be entertained.

Also, if you miss the live, you can always catch the recording, which we post on our Facebook page and on our app. But when we offer a discount, it’s only good for 24 hours from the time we go live. We would love you to tune in!


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