Someone who dresses in a classic way chooses items that are less trendy and will be in style for a longer time. The styles are sometimes more modest, traditional, streamlined and timeless. A classic dresser may choose solids and neutrals most commonly and if choosing prints, the choices may be stripes or polka dots because they are more timeless prints. As the buyer for Clothes Minded, I make choices with the classic dresser in mind. I choose some classic styles and mix in some fun trendier pieces for pizazz.

For example, the Olivia sweater is a classic style crewneck shaker sweater, but the addition of gold buttons on the sleeves gives an unexpected pop, therefore this sweater is perfect for the classic dresser as well as a trendier dresser. Check it out here:

Olivia Sweater

Two classic tops we’ve recently received, are the gauze button up:

Gauze Button Up

and the Tahlia top:

Tahlia Top AZ

We’ve got several black dresses, perfect for a classic style woman. See them here: Veronica Sweater Wrap Dress:

Veronica Sweater Wrap Dress

Body Con Midi Dress:

Bodycon Midi Dress

Perfect LBD:

Perfect LBD

We also like to mix up a classic with a fun design element like this Eve shirt dress.

Eve Shirt Dress

Finally, throw on a light layer like the chic black duster:

Chic Black Duster

Or the softest cardigan:

Softest Cardigan

Women who love classic styles often value quality and we’ve got a high quality knitwear brand, LA Made, with several styles linked here:

Charcoal Wrap LA Made

So, to you classic ladies, we’ve got a good selection of items specifically with you in mind, we hope you found something you liked in this post.


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